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Virtual reality, or VR, is an exciting technology that is changing many areas like games and learning. It is a very special experience where you can explore computer-created places that are different from the real world. To use VR, you need a special headset, like the Meta Quest, HTC Vive, or PlayStation VR. When you wear the headset, you feel like you are in a new world with many interesting things to see and do. It is a fun way to discover new places and ideas!

At this station, we're going to use a Gravity Sketch, a VR program, to make some awesome designs together! Sound fun? Let's get started!

Meta Quest**:**

The Meta Quest is a virtual reality headset that you wear like special goggles. It has the potential to change the way we explore and experience digital worlds. Allowing people to see and interact with 3D images called virtual environments, it creates an immersive and engaging experience that separates users from the real world. The Meta Quest is mainly used for gaming, entertainment, and education, but it can also be used for professional applications such as design, engineering, and training, as well as for fun activities by anyone.


Gravity Sketch:

How to Use Gravity Sketch



Gravity Sketch is a special 3D drawing tool that uses virtual reality to make detailed models and pictures. It is a helpful tool for designers, artists, and engineers, because it helps them create new ideas and work together easily. With Gravity Sketch, users can move and change 3D objects, make them bigger or smaller, and use many different tools to create their designs. This new way of making designs is simple and useful for people who work in many different jobs.

Alternative VR Devices:

While the Meta Quest is an impressive VR device, there are other more accessible and affordable alternatives, like VR-capable smartphones and budget-friendly headsets. Most modern smartphones, including Apple's iPhone and Android devices, support VR apps, which can be downloaded from their respective app stores. Additionally, budget-friendly VR headsets, such as Google Cardboard, provide an entry-level virtual reality experience for those interested in exploring this technology.

Alternative Design Tools: